North Paddle by Sanborn Canoe Company

$ 255.00

The Lost Forty is a 40-some acre stand of old-growth White and Red Pine in Northern Minnesota. Only saved from a lumberjack's axe by a survey error. This is one of the largest and last stands in the state that stood during the height of the fur trade, when French traders would have paddled past and portaged through these majestic woods. During the winter of 1882 Josiah A. King and his survey crew mistakenly plotted Coddington Lake in the wrong location, setting it squarely where the Lost Forty now stands, saving this stand of trees from the red loggers 'x' because they were supposedly underwater. 


This design is painted on our Voyageur Heritage Paddle. With an elegantly traditional blade shape these are graceful in and out of the water. They’re perfect for lazy turns around the lake or for gracing the wall of your cabin. Each is a laminated combination of western red cedar, aspen and black walnut.

Wood:Walnut, Aspen and Western Red CedarPaddle Durability:Cabin CruiserColors:Matt White, Vivid Red, Luminous GreenFinish:Wood has an oil finish / Paint is finished with a SPAR PolyurethaneBlade Dimensions:5" x 26"Paddle Length:58"
Weight:25.00 Ounces