Anchors Navy Reusable Shopping Bag

$ 11.50

Our reusable blu bag, in our nautically-inspired blue & white Anchor Navy print, looks smart while keeping plastic out of our oceans. A strong, fun & reusable shopping bag.

Sold folded in its own compact pouch with an attached carabiner.

- 100% polyester - 24” x 19”

- Easy to clean. Machine washable and dries quickly.

- Strong! Carries up to 50lbs

- Compact. Fold into 4-3/4" zip pouch or roll and secure with attached elastic band

- Eco-Friendly. Every time they are used 1 bluBag replaces up to 3 single-use plastic bags

- Over 50 designs and we can also do custom for you.

- Give Back. 20 cents is donated to Ocean Conservancy for every bag sold!